Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally back to work

           Well it has been some time since my last post with some major surgery needing to be done to keep the main pump working to it's best capacity but finally I have been given the OK to do whatever I want except take up squash. This is hardly likely to happen as I have not run anywhere since 1974 and don't intend to start now.
           However there has been a significant increase in the exercise regime which is aided by the main pump now doing it's job a lot better and with some good luck and some persistence I will be able to walk all day in the not too distant future.
           Well enough of my health issues and back to the layout. Prior to my operation I had completed the next stage that will be Merrygoen but it was sitting on four saw horses ready to be lifted into place when I had to stop for a while. The good news is that on Friday night (27th August) a group of dedicated helpers arrived to assist in the raising of Merrygoen which is now permanently in place and ready for track laying.
            Track laying will proceed at a rapid rate as all the points are built and there is stock of suitable flex track just waiting to be pinned down over the already cut cork roadbed.
             Now the slow part. As the points and signals at Merrygoen will be operated with a  MODRATEC lever frame I will need to finish the lever frame and install the frame and all the wire-in-tube operating stuff before I can run any trains over the new section. The signals will come later but the frame has to be in place for the points as, not using Peco points, that could be manually operated initially I have built FastTracks points where there is no joint on the point blades requiring them to be moved and held in place in a suitable fashion.
             This was not a problem with Gwabega as it was going to be hidden staging I used Tortoise machines and a panel (see the first photo) to take care of the point operation.
              Anyway enough of the chatter and a few photos.
              First the Gwabega panel. (oops, the original photo file is 6.8 mb think I should reduce the size for a blog)

Merrygoen, built with the track plan laid out.

Gwabega with supports ready to accept the Merrygoen level.
Overall view of Gwabega with the Merrygoen level ready to install.
Merrygoen inverted with a light rope attached to provide lighting for Gwabega once Merrygoen is installed.
Merrygoen in place with the lights turned on to illuminate Gwabega
Merrygoen just waiting for track to be laid.
Now I'm just playing with the camera with a couple of shots of two of my test locos.
(see the dust on the 38 even at this resolution which is only one fifth the original image)
I'll be back when I have Merrygoen complete with the lever frame working the points and perhaps one or two signals.

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