Thursday, September 24, 2009

Track Laying Begins

Well all, after a couple of weeks getting the initial bench work for the Gwabegar-Merrygoen location completed I thought it was time to lay a little track. Now it has been a few years since I laid track and it was code 100 but now I am using code 75 Peco and the points are made using a "Fastracks" No.6 jig. I have prebuilt 22 sets so far 11 RH and 11 LH which will be enough to complete the section now under construction.
As in the tradition of many real railways/railroads (depending where you hail from) the initial track spike used was gold plated and I have a good supply of gold plated spikes if anyone wanted one to start their railway.
You can see from my pics that the golden spike is in place and that the Gwabegar staging in under construction.
What I have not photographed is the track spiraling around to cross the current track and continue on another full circle to the level for Merrygoen. I will, however, include that area latter when the second turn of the spiral is complete.
Well a busy family weekend ahead with a wedding, birthday party and not to mention the Parramatta Eels to beat the Canterbury Dogs tonight in the rugby league final.
Catch you all soon.