Sunday, July 26, 2009

Moving forward

Well the lining of the garage is now complete and the painting is finished.
Today August 22nd 2009 the first benchwork was completed. The layout design has been changed so as to avoid any "duck-unders" but all localities have been retained. The completed design is still a work-in-progress as although the design has been put on paper it is not in a format that I can share with my readers just yet.
Learning how to use Cadrail again to re-do the design so I can get all the levels and grades the way I want is more time consuming that I would like but being still winter with short days and long nights the time is being taken to get everything right.
As soon as it is in a state I feel like sharing with everyone I will post it on the blog.
Anyway, I am including some photos of the begining benchwork that will support Merrygoen and the staging yard that will be known as Gwabegar. Gwabegar will be below Merrygoen and will still include a balloon loop to allow continuous running.
The bigest problem is what to do with all the stuff that is normally stored in the garage while the construction is ongoing. The worst thing is moveing stuff around until I have a layout to store under.


  1. I just finished prompting you to post some progress pics and found that I'd missed them. Der. Didn't recognise the garage !!! Wow what a difference, and ain't it bright! Now for the ply ??

  2. Looking good Bob, can't wait for your first operating night.

    Ray P