Monday, October 17, 2011

Well it's been a while

No excuses just a year or so of disruptions with operations, becoming a grandfather for the fourth time and my mum passing away just one year ago. The consequences are that work on the layout has be a bit patchy to say the least BUT!!!!!! just yesterday (Monday 17/10/2011) a persistent short in the track work for Merrygoen was resolved.
Now don't ask me how cause I really don't except that with some consistent fiddling I have managed to get the entire yard at Merrygoen powered up and working. The points are still not connected to the Modratec lever frame that is still under construction but things are happening.
Must have been the new CPH's I picked up a week or so back.
Well with much enthusiasm I have cleared away the debris so I can begin construction of the Merrygoen to Dubbo staging and Merrygoen to Craboon and on to Wallerawang staging (Dubbo and Wallerawang are opposite ends of the same staging yard).
I will put together some photos once the construction has begun and try to up-date a bit more often.
Keep modelling even if you have the occasional sabatical.

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